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Amy Chan hit rock bottom when she discovered that her boyfriend cheated on her. Having put so much of her identity in the relationship, she felt broken, like the rug had been pulled out from beneath her. Through a desperate attempt to get back on her feet, Amy tried everything to heal. She came out the other side with a new perspective: the breakup was the shakeup she needed to redirect her life.

She used the pain of the breakup as a bridge to self-actualization. She devoted herself to learning various healing modalities from the ancient to the scientific, and dived into the psychology of love.

It worked.

Fast forward years later, Amy completely transformed her life, and founded a breakup bootcamp that has helped countless women heal their hearts.

In Breakup Bootcamp, Amy Chan directs her experience as a relationship columnist and Chief Heart Hacker of Renew Breakup Bootcamp into a practical, thoughtful guide to turning heartache into an opportunity to rewire destructive, subconscious patterns.

She grounds her practical advice and tried and tested methods rooted in cutting-edge psychology and research, helping first her bootcamp attendees and now her readers heal and reclaim their self-love.



Life-changing and backed by sound scientific research, Breakup Bootcamp will help you heal from the heartaches of the past and move forward to create healthy love. In this book you will:

  • Process the pain and emotions of the past so you can move forward in a healthy way
  • Identify and rewire the subconscious patterns and beliefs that are not serving you
  • Be less reactive and more balanced in your emotions using tried and tested tools
  • Connect from a place of wholeness verus a place of wounding 


Amy Chan’s Breakup Bootcamp is a new kind of relationship guide for women. This is a book about how to understand our patterns, our past hurts, and the wiring of our brains better, so that we can develop new habits and build better relationships starting with the most important relationship with ourselves.

– Arianna Huffington

“The literary equivalent of a hug from a worldly big sister when you are at your lowest ebb.”

– The Sunday Times

Chan, founder of the Renew Breakup Bootcamp retreats, debuts with the inspiring account of how a devastating breakup became a catalyst for her to help others heal. Chan establishes an immediate connection to anyone who has been unlucky in love… Those seeking comfort and proactive ways to overcome heartbreak will relish Chan’s upbeat advice.

Publishers Weekly

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  • Transform Your Heartbreak Guided Meditation – A deep, guided meditation to help you get over your ex and move forward
  • Raise Your Vibe Guided Meditation – Get into a frequency of love, abundance and gratitude.
  • Breakup SOS Tools – Tried and tested practices to help you process the pain from separation
  • Attachment Style Quiz – Learn how you can be more secure in your attachment

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