Breakup Bootcamp Book

Master the science and Rewire your mind

Transform your heartbreak

This is your holistic guide to getting over heartbreak and embracing a life full of self possession, empowerment, and real, healthy, lasting love.

Not fresh out of a breakup? No sweat.

Whether you’re divorced or dating, single or married, this book has something for you.

In Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart, Renew founder Amy Chan condenses ten years of professional experience in her space into a must-have guide to a happier, heartier, healthier you.

Dubbed “the Chief Heart Hacker,” Amy Chan grounds her practical tools and advice in cutting-edge psychology and research. Since launching Renew, she’s helped hundreds of people heal their hearts, build healthy relationships, and reclaim their narrative once and for all.

A self-affirming, holistic guide for everyone—single or married, divorced or dating—to transforming heartbreak into healing by the founder of the innovative and revolutionary Renew Breakup Bootcamp.

Dubbed “the Chief Heart Hacker,” Amy Chan grounds her practical advice and tried and tested methods rooted in cutting-edge psychology and research, helping first her bootcamp attendees and now her readers most effectively heal and reclaim their self-love.

Breakup Bootcamp comes at the perfect time, when many are feeling the intensity of being in or out of a relationship, lonely or suffocated, and flirting with old toxic relationships they’ve outgrown. Relatable, life-changing, and backed by sound scientific research, Breakup Bootcamp can help anyone turn their greatest heartbreak into a powerful tool for growth.

Endorsements for Breakup Bootcamp

Amy Chan helps readers transform pain from a breakup or divorce into self-love and healing. Between determining your attachment style, client testimonials and practical mood-enhancing exercises, chapters focus on how to live, learn and grow after splitting with a significant other.

The New York Times

“The literary equivalent of a hug from a worldly big sister when you are at your lowest ebb.”

The Sunday Times

Whether you are reeling from a breakup or just feeling lonely, Amy Chan is deconstructing heartbreak, teaching us how to move through that pain and come out stronger on the other side.

Good Morning America

Chan debuts with the inspiring account of how a devastating breakup became a catalyst for her to help others heal. Chan establishes an immediate connection to anyone who has been unlucky in love… Those seeking comfort and proactive ways to overcome heartbreak will relish Chan’s upbeat advice

Publishers Weekly

A new kind of relationship guide for women. This is a book about how to understand our patterns, our past hurts, and the wiring of our brains better, so that we can develop new habits and build better relationships starting with the most important relationship with ourselves.

Arianna Huffington

The Book


Best-selling book, Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart is published by Harper Collins. The book was featured in the New York Times as a gift that honors the end of relationships and facilitates closure.

Amy Chan helps readers transform pain from a breakup or divorce into self-love and healing.

The New York Times
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