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I will help you get over your ex – for good

Want to work with me directly? Good news — you absolutely can!
With a decade of experience in the relationship and breakup space, I’ve helped thousands of people create healthier love. You could be next.

In my Breakup Bootcamp Live Coaching program, I will guide you through a step-by-step process to get over your ex and move forward.

In less than a month, you’ll learn and implement a tried-and-true method to transform heartbreak into healing and shift subconscious patterns once and for all.

Get over your breakup

In this group coaching program, you will:

  • Stop rumination and obsessive thoughts
  • Identify thinking traps that amplify stress and anxiety
  • Learn the science behind why we crave our exes and how to deal with withdrawal.
  • Implement a method to take closure into your own hands, once and for all.

Live coaching w/Amy begins Aug.1

We will meet twice a week for a total of six sessions. You’ll have access to a community of others who are also going through a similar situation. After each session, you’ll leave with actionable goals to keep your progress on track.

Sessions run from Aug. 1 – 22 and occur every Monday and Thursday at 5PM PT. If you can’t make a live session, you’ll receive a recording.

Whether you’re divorced or dating, single or separated, this is a program for you if you’re serious about creating change and healthy, lasting love. Don’t waste any more tears, months, or years thinking about your ex.

Ready to take charge of your healing?

If you prefer to work 1:1

I’ve provided private mentorship to a number of clients ranging from celebrities to Fortune 500 execs. I typically work with high-achieving individuals who are willing to do the work. I’m honest, direct, and do not sugar-coat things.

If you prefer to work with me 1:1, there are a few spots for private mentorship available. I specialize in two areas: getting you over your breakup/divorce and/or getting you back into dating and creating a healthy relationship.

We meet on Zoom video weekly or bi-weekly, and you have access to me for any questions or support in-between sessions. I literally hold your hand through the process of healing your heart. I have a 90% success rate.

Ready for change?

Please note that I am not a doctor or a therapist. My mentorship should not be considered a substitute for medical treatment, psychotherapy, or advice from a mental health professional. If you are experiencing abuse, addiction, or any other severe emotional illness, please seek professional help immediately.

Want to get over your breakup?

Get the Breakup Guide workbook. The Renew Breakup Guide will walk you through the entire process of healing from heartbreak, step by step. For only $14, the guide is packed with 60 pages of tools, exercises, and worksheets to help you repair your heart and move forward. Get it now.