A personal note

My story of my dad is that he's the root of my anxious attachment, the reason why I spent my entire...

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What Actually Matters When Choosing a Partner and Friends

Something happens in your 40’s - a series of shifts cause you to do a double take on what actually matters...

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The 5 Types of Cheaters and Why They Choose Infidelity

Can you Spot a Cheater? Apparently, there are 5 types of cheaters and very specific reasons why they stray. But first, let’s...

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The Rise of Happy, Single Women: A reason why men need to upgrade their relationship skills

The rise of lonely, single men. Women are raising their standards and that's bad news bears for those lacking in relationship...

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The Not-To-Do List that will Change your Dating Life

Think about this for a moment: What if, when it comes to dating, what you don’t do matters more than anything...

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5 Signs You’re Being Love Bombed By Your Partner

Love bombing is the use of excessive affection, grand gestures, and promises for the future as a manipulation tactic. But right...

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The 5 Most Asked Questions About Dating That Can Help You Find Love

Here are the most asked questions about dating and the answers might change your life (and relationship status).

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You’ll “Just Know” When You Meet the One is Bullsh*t

My track record doesn’t set me up to give a lot of merit to my ‘just know’ meter.

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How to Fix Broken Boundaries

Feel resentment often? Overwhelmed with guilt when you say no? This is due to a broken boundary system that causes...

Sep 29 · 1 min read >

3 Tips to Get Over Withdrawal After a Breakup

Craving your ex? Here are tips to handle withdrawal after a breakup.

Sep 9 · 1 min read >

How to Pandemic Proof Your Relationship

Even the strongest relationships have been tested thanks to good ol' Panny-d. Here are some tips to pandemic proof...

May 12 · 5 min read >

4 Tips To Create Healthy Relationship Patterns

Whether you’ve joined the 5 million Canadians who’ve found themselves suddenly single during the pandemic, or thriving in a...

Apr 14 · 3 min read >

5 Ways to Cope After a Breakup

After a breakup, while you logically might know the relationship is over, you body and brain is in a...

Apr 7 · 4 min read >

Are You Love Addicted?

You logically know you’re in a dead-end relationship, then why the hell is it so hard to let go...

Apr 5 · 2 min read >

Asian Hate: How I’m Reminded I’m Different From You

I experience racism on an almost daily basis. What does #asianhate look like exactly? Personally, most of it has...

Mar 25 · 3 min read >

I’m Learning To Stop Minimizing My Pain to Asian Racism

The jokes changed as I grew older. Suddenly being Asian was exotic and sexy. There were white guys who...

Mar 18 · 1 min read >

Stop Asking People To Work For Free

Stop asking people to work for free in the guise of women's empowerment. You want to support women? Start...

Mar 9 · 3 min read >

There’s a Secret Stage of Healing from Heartbreak That You Need to Know

Research suggests that grieving the end of a relationship is much like grieving a death. A popular framework is...

Mar 8 · 4 min read >

My Work Doesn’t Make My WORTH

I now know the difference between desire and craving. The latter is rooted in attachment, and causes suffering.⁣ ⁣

Feb 18 · 1 min read >

The Best Self Care Gifts to Buy After Valentine’s

Whether you're single or coupled or somewhere in between, here are the best gifts you can give YOURSELF this...

Feb 12 · 3 min read >

It’s Global Un-Cuffing Season – Tips For Healing From a Breakup

Thanks to the panny d, break up and divorce rates have been increasing around the world. It’s basically a...

Feb 9 · 1 min read >

Ask Amy: I Have Dating Fatigue, How Do I Find My Partner?

Don't let people just happen to you. Be intentional with who you invest your energy into.

Jan 24 · 1 min read >

Ask Amy: How Do You Know When You’re Ready To Start Dating Again?

Our greatest lesson in this lifetime is to practice opening our hearts, even when it hurts. Especially when it...

Jan 3 · 1 min read >

The Two Types of Responsibility in a Healthy Relationship

An overemphasis on Self-Responsibility without temperance by Other-Responsibility is narcissistic.

Dec 26 · 1 min read >

A ‘Fuck Yes’ Relationship Is Not Love – By Damien Bohler

Where are all the good men and good women? They are probably right in front of you refusing to...

Dec 22 · 2 min read >

Ask Amy: He Stopped Being Romantic After the Honeymoon Phase

If your baseline is not joyful, peaceful, etc - it’s inevitable that you’ll be disappointed when someone doesn’t meet...

Dec 21 · 2 min read >

Pick Up Lines – Do They Work?

Let's be honest, unless you're oozing George Clooney vibes, the woman you're approaching might not lock eyes with you...

Dec 16 · 2 min read >

Ask Amy: Is He Really Not Emotionally Ready?

Listen to people when they tell you and show you what they want. Don’t hope it will change or...

Dec 10 · 1 min read >

The 11 Best Gifts to Give Yourself When Going Through A Heartbreak

A breakup is the shake up you need to redirect your life. When I work with people going through...

Dec 9 · 4 min read >

How To Breakup During a Pandemic

The pandemic has been the 'Great Accelerator' of relationships, propelling a couple forward, or expediting its demise. Here some...

Dec 2 · 2 min read >

Just My Type is now Heart Hackers Club

After a decade of being Just My Type, I'm excited to announce our rebrand to Heart Hackers Club!

Nov 10 · 53 sec read >

What Slot Machines and Rats Can Teach Us About Toxic Relationships

There doesn’t seem to be much difference between a rat obsessing over a food pellet and a person addicted...

Jun 17 · 3 min read >

A Pandemic is Still Not a Reason To Text Your Ex

Take the corona-tinted glasses off and repeat after me. I will not text my ex.

Mar 25 · 3 min read >

Why You Like Him More Than He Likes You

You choose (and stay with) people who are not equally invested in you because you don't love yourself enough...

Oct 30 · 3 min read >

Don’t Make this Fatal Dating Mistake

When it comes to dating - giving more does not necessarily result in someone liking you more. In fact,...

Jul 8 · 3 min read >

How to Date Someone Who Has an Avoidant Attachment Style

Have you ever started dating someone, and after a romantic weekend together, POOF he disappears?

Jun 12 · 5 min read >

Eat, Pray, Eat – My Healing Journey in Bali

Perhaps a curse was to blame for my years of mini romances that never amounted to anything. So I...

May 22 · 6 min read >

Don’t Ask Why, Ask Why The Fuck Not

Launch, iterate later. Perfection is procrastination in disguise. You’re never going to be ready enough.

Apr 7 · 4 min read >

Why Do Good Women Pick the Wrong Men?

Don’t ever forget your worth. The moment you accept less than your worth, you will get less. The moment...

Feb 28 · 4 min read >

The Love Addict Inside Us – Contributed by Damien Bohler

The anxiously attached desperately grasp for that which is unavailable, while the avoidant runs from that which is too...

Feb 12 · 8 min read >

How to Not Lose Your Sh*T When You Get Triggered

Perhaps he didn't text you back, or she forgot to plan the trip that was promised, or your partner...

Feb 12 · 1 min read >

How To Reflect Like a BAWSS

If you don't reflect on the year past, you miss an opportunity for growth. This Year in Review exercise...

Dec 27 · 2 min read >

How Do You Like Me Now?

Go through the fire with me. I’ll hold your hand. We’ll dance through the pain and rise through the...

Nov 22 · 2 min read >

Chasing Unicorns

The ending of one chapter feels scary, but that’s only because there’s many chapters still to be write. You...

Aug 10 · 2 min read >