Catch of the Week: Rattan Bagga

Be patient for love. Be open to love. Be crazy in love.

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Catch of the Week: Rattan Bagga - Heart Hackers Club -  - Jeans

Name: Rattan Bagga, New World Natural Foods CEO and The Young Entrepreneurs Vancouver Program co-chair

How would your best friends describe you?

Someone with high integrity, loyal, ambitious, committed and family oriented. Someone who follows through – when I say I’m going to do something, I do it.

What values are you looking for in a partner?

It is important that my partner is someone who can communicate openly and is someone who is supportive.

Being communicative with emotions is important to you. But a lot of men are socialized to believe that a man shouldn’t show emotions. What are your thoughts on that?

A person needs to be strong to be vulnerable. And if you cannot be open to your own human vulnerability, you are likely scared of something.

What makes a healthy relationship?

Understanding that your partner is your strongest anchor. Your relationship is one of the greatest sources of motivation and inspiration and you have to make time to nourish it. It’s important not to get lazy and take the other person for granted. Maintaining sparks requires effort and commitment or the passion can eventually fade away.

Why do you think relationships fail?

A lot of relationships out there are ones based on convenience. It may not start off that way, but after a while, even if it’s not the right fit, and the sparks are gone, instead of trying to reinvigorate the passion or making the decision to move on, people get complacent because it’s convenient. Also, many are scared to be single and afraid of being judged by society for being single.

You are someone who has multiple businesses and community-oriented projects on the go. How do you have time to invest in a relationship?

Love cannot take a backseat to business. I learned from my parents that money is a renewable source. You can lose money and make it back. But the same doesn’t apply to people. If you lose a significant person from your life because you didn’t have your priorities straight, you may never get them back.

If you were to give advice to your younger self on relationships, what would it be?

Even if a relationship doesn’t work out, try to cherish the good times and think of it as a life experience. Also, don’t rush into labelling the relationship. Establish a friendship first.

[infobox bg=”bluelight” color=”black” opacity=”on” subtitle=”Rattan Bagga”]”Be patient for love. Be open to love. Be crazy in love.”[/infobox]

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Written by Amy C
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