Courage to Commit

Nothing great in life resulted from being passive. Be brave enough to commit - whether that be to a person, a passion...

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Indecisiveness is an apathetic habit of our culture. We live in a world of infinite options and consequently a prevailing sense of “fear of missing out”. Thus, its tempting to approach life with one foot in, to revel in maybes, constantly hold out for better options, and procrastinate decision making until the last minute.

But there is maturity and courage that comes from making a commitment. Commitment takes risk, and with that, the potential for reward. Commitment takes discipline. Commitment requires integrity for follow through.

Perhaps it is society to blame, or pure laziness, but i think we could do with less maybes and benefit from adding more “yes’s” to our approach in life.

Take a chance. Yes or no. In or out. Nothing great in life resulted from being passive. Be brave enough to commit – whether that be to a person, a passion or a plan.


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Written by Amy C
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  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to tell that this idea is very excellent. People of today are afraid of become special because of themselves not because of the others.


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