It’s Global Un-Cuffing Season – Tips For Healing From a Breakup

Thanks to the panny d, break up and divorce rates have been increasing around the world. It’s basically a global un-cuffing season....

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll be saying it for a while: these are trying times. Thanks to the panny d, break up and divorce rates have been increasing around the world. It’s basically a global un-cuffing season.

Navigating heartbreak is difficult (understatement) at the best of times, and with so much time home alone, you may be feeling more than a little tempted to contact your ex. For one, don’t do it! For two, we know that’s easier said than done, so here are some tips to help you redirect, refocus, and recover.

If you want to get over your ex once and for all, you can grab a spot at the upcoming Breakup Bootcamp. It’s a live, interactive virtual event conveniently scheduled for Friday Feb. 19 to Sunday, Feb. 21. 

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you move the f*ck on. 

Channel your inner Marie Kondo
Does looking at that old photo of your spicy weekend getaway spark joy? Didn’t think so. Pack up mementos and reminders of your ex and remove them out of sight. Rearrange your furniture and change up the soft furnishings so that can create a new, just-you sanctuary.

Actually end the relationship
If you’re still blaming, analyzing, or hoping to change your ex, you’re still in a relationship with them. The emotional charge keeps you hooked. Sometimes we hold on to the pain because that’s the last part of the relationship we have left. Let it go. 

Feel vs Feed
There’s a difference between feeling your emotions and feeding them. The former means being present and judgment-free with what you’re feeling, and letting it pass. The latter means feeding the emotion so that it grows in intensity, size and frequency. Choose which you will nourish: the feeling or the feeding. You’re not doing yourself any favors by playing “Fix You” on repeat while you sob in the fetal position. 

Detox! Detox! Detox!
Do not contact your ex. Do not scroll their feed. Strolling down memory lane only strengthens old neural pathways that keep you attached to your ex—you’re essentially overcoming an addiction. It’s important that after a breakup, you give yourself at least 60 days to detox from your ex.

Call in backup
This is where Amy and her team come in. The course is designed to transform heartbreak and rewire patterns, and is led by Amy as well as some world’s top psychologists, relationship coaches, and sex educators. Prepare for a weekend of ah-ha moments as you learn how to reroute the neural pathways that keep you attached to your ex. 

This was originally featured on the Girlboss newlestter, written in collaboration with Ali Hackett

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