Getting Started in Your Career

So you’ve graduated and your last four years of classes, exams and essays seem exciting next to trying to find your first career position. Your resume is blank aside from some previous retail or serving stints, and you don’t know where to start. Sound familiar?...

Nov 10 · 3 min read >

Know What You Don’t Want

People say that as you grow older, you learn to identify what you want in a partner. However, I’m sure many of you can relate, that the person you end up dating can be quite different from the “type” you envisioned yourself to be with....

Sep 1 · 2 min read >

The Aftermath of Bullying

Do you know how young someone can be when they start to contemplate harmful thoughts, such as suicide? For me, I was 10 years old. I was bullied at school so badly that I would cry everyday, and be scared from the minute the bell...

Jun 28 · 2 min read >

“Free” for Thought

"If I get to pick what I want to do, then it's play... if someone else tells me that I have to do it, then it's work.” -Patricia Nourot For every lasting relationship, whether that be a business, romantic or platonic one, there must be...

Sep 29 · 2 min read >

The Difference Between Pleasure and Joy

If you ask someone if they know the difference between pleasure and joy, they will most likely cite the correct definitions of both. However, while we can define it easily, are we conscious of the difference when we make choices on a daily basis? Pleasure...

Aug 17 · 2 min read >