How To Woo The Hearts Of Millennials

If Millennials are unhappy with your service they feel it’s their responsibility and duty to vent… publicly

Jun 26 · 2 min read >

First To Arrive

I have always thought my parents were invincible. But getting older and being away from home has made me realize that they are growing older and one day, they won't be around.

Jun 7 · 31 sec read >

Back To Equilibrium

After a massive fight with my father last night, my first reaction was to get on a flight and leave. But in the mess of negative emotions that have been triggered, I realize that there's an opportunity here for me to evolve my communication and...

May 1 · 1 min read >

You’re Not Broken, You’re An Addict – By Andy Lassner

Addiction is real and it is not about weakness. It's not a fight any of us can win by ourselves. If you are struggling with wanting to stop drinking or using drugs more than anything and not being able to - you're not broken -...

Feb 14 · 1 min read >

Addicted to Happiness

We need to get off the “being happy” bandwagon and get on the “being human” bandwagon.

Aug 4 · 1 min read >

How To Succeed in the Corporate World

I was part of the closing keynote at the Beyond Pink Young Women in Business Conference on how to succed in the corporate world.

Jul 11 · 2 min read >

The New Working Woman

I was honoured to speak along side, Lisa Von Strumer, CEO of Growing City & "Dragon's Den" Tamer at The Founder's Collective. Our topic of discussion was the 'new working woman'. Here are some key points discussed at the event: Definition of the new working woman...

Jun 28 · 2 min read >

5 Ways to Design Your Life

In the end, our lives are a sum of our stories - the stories we live, the stories we believe and the stories we leave behind with others. Make yours worth reading.

Jun 9 · 4 min read >

The Beauty Complex

If we keep feeding the beast of vanity, before we know it, we have insatiable appetite for perfection. No matter how thin your body is, tanned your skin is, or symmetrical your face is – that benchmark for perfection is a moving target.

Apr 16 · 1 min read >

What Do You Stand For?

You decide how you want to show up. You choose who you want to be in that moment. What values do you stand for, and when you witness a breach of those values do you take a stand or do you sit back?

Apr 14 · 1 min read >

Do It For the Story

ake chances. Focus on the opportunities that comes from risk rather than dwell on the "what if" of things that could go wrong. Have faith that discomfort is the precursor to new beginnings and necessary for growth.

Feb 21 · 22 sec read >

Another Year of Lessons Learned

I think we go through cycles of change – when the complete unexpected throws you off your equilibrium –giving you the opportunity to reassess and recalibrate. This past year was one of those cycles for me - and slowly but surely the pieces that were...

Feb 19 · 3 min read >

2013 – A Year to Change Your Karma

2012 has been a year of change - a year to recalibrate. To shed the old, explore the new, and shift into a new chapter. Whether that shift is in your career, relationships, friends, or old habits – the intentions set, and the actions that...

Dec 26 · 2 min read >

Is There Such a Thing as Casual Cocaine Use?

"What is especially deadly about cocaine is that there is no correlation between how many times you’ve used cocaine or how much you used, and when you will suffer a cardiac arrest. Some people die after their first use.”

Nov 16 · 1 min read >

5 Normalizations of Society that Need a Reality Check

Ignorance is not bliss. Do you choose to use the status-quo as your compass, or, your values, morals and better judgement?

Nov 10 · 4 min read >

A World of Strangers Weep for You – RIP Amanda Todd

Yesterday, a Port-Coquitlam teenager, Amanda Todd, committed suicide after suffering countless attacks of bullying. The girl had created a YouTube video sharing her story of how she was physically attacked and cyber-bullied.

Oct 12 · 1 min read >

Rewriting the Script

While I cannot change my childhood, my upbringing and my history, I can change my reaction to it. The memories of events may stay the same, but my internalization of such events don't have to.

Jun 11 · 1 min read >

When Everything You Think You Know For Sure, Isn’t So Sure After All

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that just when you think you’ve got it all down pat, everything can change in an instant. All you can really do is dust yourself off when you fall, and navigate your way the best...

May 17 · 1 min read >

3 Things To Give Up To Be Happy

Give up being a victim. The perspective that you are just the result of all external variables deflects responsibility for taking control over your own life. It is unfortunate that sometimes bad things happen to the best of people. Life can be unfair, unkind and...

Apr 25 · 2 min read >

Can We Stop Posing Now?

I have a lot of respect for the people who have the courage to be raw, authentic, honest and… imperfect.

Apr 18 · 1 min read >

Who Are Your Role Models?

Looking back at the various stages of my life, I realise that role models played a great part in steering my personal path.

Apr 9 · 2 min read >

The Unrealistic Picture of the Real Housewives of Vancouver

A show that highlights the allure, glamour and excitement of women who joke about being “gold-diggers”, living in excess and hosting Botox parties is not a positive influence. Period.

Apr 5 · 2 min read >

Are You Chasing the Right Things?

In the rush of life, the race to the top, and with the perception that happiness is the result of success and materialistic milestones; we often forget that everything we need to be happy is already right in front of us. Our health, our family,...

Mar 30 · 2 min read >

Are Men Trained To Hate Women?

I read an interesting article titled, 5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women. Is it true? Is the root reason behind why some men cheat, abuse, use violence, salivate over strippers, and dehumanize the opposite sex, because of the way the way they...

Mar 27 · 1 min read >

How You Can Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

I recently watched an inspiring TED talk by Shawn Achor. He refutes conventional wisdom that teaches us that success, equates to happiness. In fact, he shows that recent discoveries have shown that this formula is completely backward. Instead, happiness is actually what fuels success. When we...

Mar 16 · 1 min read >


Imagine if women helped boost other women up, and focused on supporting each other verus competing and tearing each other down.

Mar 5 · 2 min read >

Mistakes Can Make or Break You

As I approach my 30th birthday, I’ve taken time to reflect how much has changed in my life in the last decade. During my twenties, I made so many mistakes, hurt people I loved, and behaved in ways that I can't say I'm proud of....

Feb 1 · 1 min read >

Are You Beautiful on the Inside?

There was once a time that if I heard any of the following: "spirituality, inner peace, vegan, money doesn't buy happiness..." I'd nod my head while rolling my eyes thinking, "Enough of this new-age hippie stuff". I guess like most lessons in life, you don't...

Jan 17 · 2 min read >

6 Valuable Lessons of Growth

Without a sound set of rules for yourself, a value system and a moral compass, you'll ultimately make decisions that will hurt yourself and others. We exert energy and focus on our financial and business plans but don't devote the time to create a personal...

Dec 31 · 2 min read >

Who You Surround Yourself With, You Become

During high school, we gravitated towards certain friends due to our aspirations and interests of our youth. BFF qualifiers included a shared love for basketball or underage drinking. But then, we grew up. Fast forward a decade. You have changed your home, your values, your...

Nov 28 · 1 min read >

Choose to Win

Choose to win. Choose to be better, every day. Try harder -- put in the effort and the hard work to make things happen for you. Aim further. If you settle for less or put a limit to how far you can go -- you...

Jul 14 · 1 min read >

Dare to Disrupt

Make a ruckus. Aim to interrupt. Dare to disrupt the status-quo.

Apr 18 · 22 sec read >

Choose a Winning Attitude

When interacting and speaking to successful leaders, I’ve noticed a strong commonality. Regardless of industry, upbringing, or culture, these leaders share a similar disposition:  a positive attitude, a refusal to allow external variables dictate their mood and a tenacious appetite for excellence. Are these people...

Apr 8 · 2 min read >

The Unspoken Rule of Reciprocity

There is an unspoken rule of reciprocity that people either a) respect and participate in b) are oblivious to or c) choose to ignore. It is arguable that the people in both group “b” and “c” should fall under the same category, but I’ll leave...

Mar 25 · 2 min read >

Are You a Good Friend?

Having an abundance of friends where interactions are based in love, care, support and value exchange is not a happening of chance, but a result of effort, consideration and creation. You create the world of people who surround you. Those friendships, like any relationship, take...

Jan 25 · 2 min read >

Etiquette in a Digital World

In our digital world of tweets, pokes and pings, it’s easy to forget about the basics of etiquette. After all, when you can do just about anything with a click of a button, from banking to shopping to dating – the time spent practicing real,...

Nov 24 · 2 min read >