With Her, It Was Effortless: Michael Henry

The more you wait the more special it is and the more willing he will likely be willing to work harder to...

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With Her, It Was Effortless: Michael Henry - Heart Hackers Club -  - Soulmate

Michael Henry, Common-law with Henny Rebodos, with a 1 year-old son

What is love to you?

Love is giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting them not too.

What happened when you met her?

We met at an event that I was DJing in New York. She stood out to me. I was attracted to her right away. I asked my friends who she was. But I kept it casual while we were there. I ended up getting her number from one of our mutual friends and I messaged her shortly after that night.

How was the process of getting to know each other after that?

It was never formal. It was really slow, casual and organic. We didn’t even hang out much at first but would communicate via text here and there. Then one day we went for coffee. That was when I realised that there was so much about her that was interesting. I just wanted to keep getting to know her.

There’s a lot of talk that women should wait on being intimate too early in the dating process. What are your thoughts?

The more you wait the more special it is and the more willing he will likely be willing to work harder to win you over.

How does it feel staying at home with your son while she is working during the day?

I feel privileged being in the situation to bond with him during the daytime, and I’m still able to get work done from home. My responsibilities have gone up, but I enjoy it.  I’ve become a cook all of a sudden.

What made it different with Henny versus the other girls you dated?

The amount of how interested I was in her. It felt effortless. It was as if it was just meant to be. It still feels like that now.

How did you know she was “the one?”

There was one time that I asked her to go to dinner and she replied “oookie” in a cute kid voice. We are both very youthful and Henny has this really silly side to her that I don’t think many people get to see. I love it.

What makes your relationship work?

Trusting each other. The amount we love each other. A lot of patience  – especially being first time parents. Respect for each others schedules. Oh, and icecream.

What are you two working on improving?

Being the best parents we can be. But also making sure we still take the time to have special dates and do special things and not just get wrapped up in all the parenting stuff.

What do you love about Henny the most?

I love the way she makes me feel from the time we wake up to the time we fall asleep.

How do you think it’s possible to be with one person for a lifetime?

Always be honest with the person. Keep challenging the relationship so it will grow. Do things to keep it fresh and exciting.

If you met her at a different time, do you think it would still have worked out?

I believe that we are soul mates so I think even if I met her years earlier, we would have still ended up together. But she would have definitely have needed a lot more patience to be with me back then when I wasn’t as mature.

When it comes to love, what advice would you give your son?

To be kind, loving, and respectful in all relationships.

Any last words of wisdom?

I’m no expert but I do believe that there is someone out there for everyone. Stop looking at your phone all the time, look up, and you might run into them : )

Photography: Maria Angerilli



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Written by Amy C
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