Love Comes When It’s Least Expected: Henny Rebodos

Love really happens when you least expect it . I definitely was not expecting to meet Mike after a 20-hour train ride....

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Love Comes When It's Least Expected: Henny Rebodos - Heart Hackers Club -  - LeendaDProductions

Henny Rebodos, common-law with Michael Henry with a one year-old son

What is love to you?

Love is being around people where you feel like you are at home. Mike feels like home to me. Charlie feels like home to me. That’s love. My family is everything.

How did you guys meet?

I was stuck in a Chicago snowstorm on a business trip and had to get to New York to do the grand opening of the SoHo store. All flights were canceled. So I hopped on a train and it took 24 hours after all the delays to arrive in New York. That night, my cousin asked me to go out to an event. I was exhausted and didn’t want to go. But I ended up saying yes. That night, I met Michael and we hit it off.

Who pursued whom?

It was quite even. It felt effortless. I felt like I had known him for years.

How do you stay connected with such a demanding schedule? 

Michael and I have opposite schedules. I work the standard Monday to Friday, while he works evenings as a DJ. Most would think we never see each other because of it … But we do. It’s all about staying disciplined.

When I was on mat leave with Charlie, Mike’s schedule worked in favour of our family.  We had maximum time together in the day before he would go to work. It really set the tone of quality time together, just the 3 of us. So while I’m back to work full time now, we strive for that togetherness every chance we get.

Michael and I also travel for our careers so if we plan it well in advance, we come along on each other’s business trips. Because Charlie is less than 1 year old, we’ve been travelling  as a unit. It’s been great, we are very fortunate.

How are you juggling it all?

This is the first year where the term “work-life-balance” actually means something to me. I’m very disciplined with my schedule both personally and professionally

How do you know you are with the right fit?

If it’s the right fit, it’s effortless. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s a lot of “effort”  that goes into a relationship but when it’s with the right person…. You want to do anything and everything for them and the feeling is mutual.

What advice would you give your son about love? 

To be open and let love in even if it means a couple of broken hearts along the way. You learn something from every relationship. Always be true and love someone the way you want to be loved

He is the stay-at-home dad. How is that working?

Amazing!! He’s such a great father! When I was on mat leave, I never felt alone like several Mothers do when they have their children and the father is off at work.  Michael and I were together all the time so we got into a good rhythm of parenting Charlie together. It was such a fluid transition when I went back to work because he was so involved from day 1. He is very hands on and embraces the Mr. Mom title.

What do you love about him the most? 

I love that he puts Charlie and I first. We are very lucky to have him. Also, he’s one of the funniest guys I know. He makes me laugh until my tummy hurts!

Any last words of wisdom?

Love really happens when you least expect it . I definitely was not expecting to meet Mike after a 20-hour train ride. You can’t put so much pressure on yourself. But you have to be open to meeting people and going out. On business trips, I would never be the person to go back to my hotel early. When you get invited out, say yes even when you’re too tired and want to say no. Go out of your comfort zone. You can always go home early if you don’t like what you are doing, but at least you made the effort.

Photo by: Maria Angerilli 

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Written by Amy C
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