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We all know that in work and business, we need structure, goals and clear vision to get us the results we want...

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We all know that in work and business, we need structure, goals and clear vision to get us the results we want to achieve. However, we don’t apply the same proactivity and growth mentality when it comes to our personal lives and relationships. If we want to areas of our lives, we need to create structure around it, and banking on discipline, will power and just ‘going with the flow’ is not a pathway to greatness. To know what we want, we first need to create clarity. I do not mean this in material goals. We need to take an honest look at what we ultimately want – which, if you strip off the layers and ego – it’s the basic human need for connection, love and service. Below is a template I use to design the life I want by focusing on a few key areas of my life and breaking it down to smaller goals.

It’s also important to reflect on all the positive things, the wins we’ve had. Often in our achiever mindset, we’re never good enough. This lack of self-compassion does not serve us. You’ll find on this template a reflection of the wins, along with what we could have done better – so that we can learn from our mistakes. I do this worksheet every month, and look at it throughout and update. I also have a women’s circle where we hold each other accountable to the goals set.

I am a big believer in intentional living. Don’t let life just happen to you. You get to choose whether you want to be a passive bystander of life, or a designer  of it.

I am a big believer in intentional living. Don’t let life just happen to you. You get to choose whether you want to be a passive bystander of life, or a designer  of it.

Let’s first start with the end in mind. The Life Blueprint stays the same each month (unless you change it) – this is your guiding star.

Life Blueprint – These are 5 things you want your loved ones to remember you for at your funeral. This is your blueprint on how to go about your life on a day to day basis. This step of seeing the end in mind helps you become aware of your daily behavior that is serving or not serving this life blueprint. I’ve put some personal examples below (feel free to add/edit, as my examples are only a few to provide some guidance:

  • Inspiring
  • High Integrity
  • The essence of love (acted with love, shared love, a force of love, led with love)
  • Reach a vibrational frequency of Love at 540 (on the Map of Human Consciousness )
  • A healer / changemaker

Areas of Growth – Key Pillars  (Choose 2-3  to focus on as you can’t do absolutely everything)

  • Professional / Business
  • Community
  • Family
  • Romance
  • Mind
  • Physical
  • Nutrition
  • Spirit/Soul
  • Giving back
  • Adventure
  • Personal Development / Lifestyle
  • Emotional Agility

6 Month / 1 Year Goals

  • Create X revenue
  • Be in a loving, committed, monogamous, healthy relationship
  • Create a bi-coastal living situation

Intentions for (INPUT CURRENT MONTH)

A) Professional / Financial

How this supports greater picture: create X revenue

  • Start women’s circle 
  • Secure a mentor / business advisor
  • Hire development agency

B) Romance

How this supports greater picture: Be in a loving, committed, monogamous, healthy relationship 

  • Do not engage romantically with any men who do not want the same thing as I do (a committed relationship) or do not have the space/time to explore with intention
  • Do not react to being triggered for 48 hours (no outreach, no decisions, no outward reactions)
  • Do not have sex with anyone unless there’s been a heart connection established and intention to explore relationship from both parties

C) Personal Development

  • Developed exchange with intuitive coach Brian in exchange for marketing/business building support
  • Read 3 books
  • Take course in Tantra

Support I need:

  • Waiver and NDA documents
  • Optimize landing page

People who helped me (remember the ones who supported you):

  • Person A – helped me develop my website backend
  • Person B  – helped secure sponsors for my retreat
  • Person C – provided coaching session when I was feeling down


What I’m proud of

  • Deepened friendships with: Person A, Person B
  • Made new friendships with: Person A, Person B
  • Had a very vulnerable and open conversation with Radha on my history and my pain points which enabled us to create a beautiful exchange and bond
  • Worked out 6 times
  • Read three books (The Science of Happiness, A Return to Love, How to Fall in Love with Anyone)
  • Took the month to travel and slow down
  • Learned key lessons emotionally and practiced self compassion, unconditional love and emotional regulation

What worked well

  • Meditation as a tool to emotionally regulate – game changer.
  • Communicating from a place of compassion and understanding and love, versus attacking (did this with mom and Brandon). Helped to practice loving kindness meditation prior to communicating to the person.
  • Avoidance is a tactic used to not put yourself in a situation where you don’t want to be in. Avoided people/situations where I knew I would feel depleted emotionally from.
  • Minimizing infatuation based on ego based qualities

What I could have done better

  • More focus on starting and completing projects
  • Could have communicated with clarity when I felt my boundary was crossed by male business contact
  • When delivering my opinion to Person A,  I could have spoken in a softer more compassionate way so that she would have felt invited to give her opinion instead of attacked. Having more compassion in my delivery and understanding of my audience is a learning opportunity.

Key things learned / Resources were valuable:

  • Create systems in place to keep ego in check and don’t rely on discipline alone – e.g. do not engage on social media stalking and creating stories about someone
  • Unconditional love means putting someone’s peace as the goal
  • Nothing is pure coincidence
  • Ask vs Tell culture
  • Seeing Nadia’s way of parenting where Ryder doesn’t stop their lifestyle and social life was inspiring
  • Gregg Braden – Healing and magnetic field


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