Calling All Self-Proclaimed Goddesses Back to Earth

Self-proclaimed goddesses – the spiritual bypassing is real. Can we take off the flower crowns and commit to building a foundation of...

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Calling All Self-Proclaimed Goddesses Back to Earth - Heart Hackers Club - spiritual bypasssing - Jo Cohen & BQ

Self-proclaimed goddesses – the spiritual bypassing is real. Can we take off the flower crowns and commit to building a foundation of self-esteem and self-worth so we don’t need to rely on external validation or dopamine spikes to feel worthy and loved?

You are not a goddess. You are not a god.  You are a human being ruled by your subconscious mind that happens to also poop, give attitude to the airline agent, and act out of ego more than you think.

It’s time to brush off the fairy dust, come down from the cosmos and back into reality. In reality, Facetune doesn’t wipe away the childhood wounds that keeps you craving for validation. In reality, chasing one ‘medicine’ journey to the next doesn’t transform you into an enlightened being. In reality, it’s the small, subtle, boring everyday habits of self-compassion, resilience and truth revealing that you repeat and repeat, that eventually add up to significant shifts. In reality, dreamy intentions void of action do not manifest impact.

Trust me, I love wearing sparkly, long flowing white outfits (they’re made in China btw) and doing photoshoots at Burning Man. I too love the words magic and warrior goddess, and have a crystal collection a shaman would be jealous of. I get it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with appreciating these things. My concern is that we are creating a culture where we’re more focused on how our “goddess-ness” is being perceived online than we are being honest with the real issues that need addressing. The loud proclamations of spirituality are often inauthentic. This spiritual bypassing¬† distracts us from the truth, disconnects us from our feelings, and enables us to avoid the big picture. It’s more about checking out versus checking in. I have yet to meet a self-proclaimed goddess who has a healthy self-esteem, isn’t engaging in some degree of toxic relations with men, and uses various crutches to feel validated. Perhaps I’ve been going to the wrong goddess circles. Or perhaps the ones who’ve reached goddess status aren’t trying to convince me.

If enlightenment and empowerment is what you’re after, then dissolving of the ego is necessary. Putting yourself (or others) up on a pedestal is an act of objectification. The very act of calling yourself a goddess is in itself, rooted in ego. You don’t see monks posing for IG with a come hither sexy face #goddesswarrior do you?

Look, I’d rather you call yourself a goddess than call yourself a loser. If mantras and labels help you in your journey, then by all means, go ahead. Just remember that the truth is there no-matter how you dress it up, and the longer you push aside the truth, the longer you prolong your journey of peace.





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