A Note of Gratitude to My Readers

You never know how a gesture, regardless of how small it may seem, can have such a profound and positive impact on...

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A Note of Gratitude to My Readers - Heart Hackers Club -  - Don't forget to love yourself.

Today a stranger sent me a long, thoughtful, message with words of support and encouragement on my move. She offered her own story of facing the fear of moving to a new country and reassured me that leaping into the unknown was one of the most rewarding and life enriching experiences of her life. The message was so full of love and care – and she’s a mere stranger. How amazing is that?

Everyday I receive messages from people who share their stories of relationships, life and loss. I think it’s incredible – how perfect strangers can reach out, share and send love, even if it’s through a virtual means.

Many of you read my blogs, and have followed me through my different life experiences. In a sense, you have watched me grow up. Some of you readers have been there from the beginning – you’ve witnessed me through my heartbreaks, career changes, mistakes, and ever-evolving perspectives. I want to take a moment and say ‘thank you’. I would have never had the courage to share my personal stories and vulnerabilities if it wasn’t for the strong love and support from my community. Every ‘like’, comment, email, and second you spend reading my articles is appreciated. You are the reason I write.

That message I received this morning made me cry. I was so touched that someone had such kindness to take the time to write me such loving words. I felt understood, appreciated, and a little less alone in this new city where I am starting from scratch. Goes to show that you never know how a gesture, regardless of how small it may seem, can have such a profound and positive impact on someone else.

Social media often gets a bad wrap for creating a culture of self-promotion and A.D.D. But there’s so much power in this digital age – the ability for perfect strangers to connect, support and rally for one another is profound.

I write about topics that are often hushed because it’s taboo, or because there is too much shame or controversy around it. But if we don’t talk about these themes that are prevalent in our everyday human experience, how can we evolve our perspectives and support one another?

If one of my articles can help one other person feel a little less alone, a little more understood and consider a perspective that could create positive change, then to me, that is success. I encourage you to join the conversation – talk about the topics that are considered to be too uncomfortable. Strive to be authentic, not perfect.  Share your vulnerability – that’s what enables humans to connect. And know that there is always someone listening – so be mindful of what you do put out there.

I’d like to sign off with a big thank you. Thank you for reading and for helping me grow as a writer. But most of all thank you for being a part of my journey…
With love,

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Written by Amy C
Amy Chan is the Founder of Renew Breakup Bootcamp, a retreat that takes a scientific and spiritual approach to healing the heart. Marie Claire calls her "A relationship expert whose work is like that of a scientific Carrie Bradshaw" and her company has been featured across national media including Good Morning America, Vogue, Glamour, Nightline along with the front page of The New York Times. Her book, Breakup Bootcamp - The Science of Rewiring Your Heart, published by Harper Collins, will be released Fall 2020. Profile

3 Replies to “A Note of Gratitude to My Readers”

  1. Yay im the first one to reaspone. Well amy as much as were apart of your journey. So are you to ours. As we learn and grow being humans it’s all we can really do. I, as in many veiwers are grateful for your site and your experineces you have shared. You may have helped alot of people as your site is truly one of kind and I am truly grateful for it. I have seen your articles on newspapers before and it did make me curious. So here I am now, with all the love you give it’s only right for me to give you my many thanks, appreciation and love towards you. Keep up the awesome work. I will look forward to reading many more of your upcoming post for the years to come. You are truly authentic =). Don’t ever change unless for the better hahaha.


  2. Hi Amy.
    Thank you for always being yourself as I am truly inspired by the journey you had been through and the steps you are taking now. There are moments where I questioned and guilt to be myself in the online society due to the negative comments given by others. Also, the professionalism and ethics of my current job that I should take into consideration. I haven’t found the answer until today, when a friend shared a link on your latest blogspot on ‘The 11 Differences Between Dating A Boy Vs A Man’ and i got the chance to browse through your achieve, and this post.

    I think I have found the answer and thank you, Amy 🙂
    May your journey in self-developing and in achieving your dreams be blessed always.


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