FOX News

Amy interviewed on a live segment for FOX News on the grand opening of SPiN San Francisco.     FOX News - Amy Chan, CMO of SPiN Interviewed on Grand Opening from JustMyType on Vimeo.

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DuJour Magazine

Article on Burning Man Fashion featured on the homepage of DuJour Magazine. DuJour is a print and digital luxury lifestyle publishing brand that focuses on art, fashion, design, entertainment, travel and celebrity news. Readers are among an average net worth of $5 million, average home values...

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Business Insider Article

Co-authored an article on Business Insider on the amazing art installations at Burning Man

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Featured on Front Page of Yahoo Makers

Article titled "A Girl's Guide to Surviving Burning Man in Style" was featured on the front page of Yahoo Makers. Yahoo! is the highest-read news and media website, with 109,892,550 unique visitors per month. Yahoo! is the fourth most visited website globally. Check out the full article...

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Sex and the City Author Answers My Questions On HuffPost Live

Sex and the City author, Candace Bushnell, answers my questions on dating in New York city on HuffPost Live.

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Interviewed in The New York Times

Interviewed in an article in The New York Times newspaper in a piece titled Unplugging Without FOMO.

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Featured on Front Page of The Vancouver Sun

Marketer by day, relationship columnist at JustMyType.ca by night, Chan has a heavy social media presence. She’s learned that the wealth of information and plethora of new ways to connect online can be both a blessing and a curse.

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Interviewed on RAW Beauty Talks

Amy gets "raw" - no photoshop, no filters for the Raw Beauty campaign.

May 21 · 7 sec read >

Featured on Notable.ca

Featured on Notable as their featured 'Young Professional'. Interviewed on how to create a rewarding career and balance it all.

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The Province Newspaper

Interview featured as the front page cover story of The Province Newspaper. Read the full interview.

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Featured on Webisode for the W Network’s Show, The Audience

Featured on a webisode for The Audience, a new show on the W Network. Check out the series here.

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Interviewed on Smart Cookies

You are the stories you believe. If you have a negative narrative about yourself, life and people, that’s the reality you will live. Change the story = change your perspective = change your energy = change your outcome.

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Ming Pao Magazine

Featured in a three-page spread on "Successful Young Asian Women" by Ming Pao Magazine.  

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Huffington Post Live

Is monogamy natural? Check out my interview along with EliteDaily's Editor-in-Chief, Kaitlyn Cawley and author/professor Hugo Schwyzer on this Huffington Post Live segment.

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FASHION Magazine Interview

Interviewed as "Stylish Jetsetter" in FASHION Magazine.

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YWCA Women of Distinction Awards

The YWCA Women of Distinction Awards honors individuals and organizations whose activities contribute to the well-being of the community. 2013 marked it’s 30th year, and I was honored to be shortlisted as a nominee for the Community Building category – standing amongst  such high-caliber, intelligent women all...

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Fairchild Television Interview

Interviewed in Fairchild Television for a documentary exploring career-driven women delaying starting families to focus on their work. Watch a snippet here: Fairchild Television interviews single, successful women on if they would consider egg freezing from JustMyType on Vimeo.

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Huffington Post Live

Interviewed at the Huffington Post headquarters in New York on a panel discussing if a new drug can keep men from cheating. Watch the segment here.

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Miss 604: Featured Blogger

Interviewed on Miss 604's website as a featured blogger. Read the interview here.

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Networking in Vancouver: Women Making a Difference

Interviewed by Networking In Vancouver as a 'Woman Making  a Difference'. Read the article here.

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