My Work Doesn’t Make My WORTH

I now know the difference between desire and craving. The latter is rooted in attachment, and causes suffering.⁣ ⁣

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As I celebrate another lap around the sun, I wanted to share some reflections and lessons learned in this past year.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Here are a few of lessons I learned in the last year:⁣

🐥 My work doesn’t make my worth. I’m learning that how I do things is often more important than what I’m doing.⁣

🐒 Achievements don’t change anything on the inside. My entire life I’ve been chasing or fighting for something. As soon as I’d get it, I’d just focus on the next thing to want. The goalpost would continue to move and I wouldn’t feel satisfied. I now know the difference between desire and craving. The latter is rooted in attachment, and causes suffering.⁣

🐙 Being in a healthy, loving relationship AND surrounding myself with high-safety friendships have rewired my brain. Literally, this is what happens when you are exposed to high-safety relationships – you build the necessary neural pathways for trust and connection. When I look at how much pain I use to experience in relationships to where I’m at now, I know it’s possible for others struggling too.⁣

🦉 In the words of Bill Murray, “It just doesn’t matter.” When I’m stressing about trivial things, I ask myself if it actually will make a difference to the big picture. Usually, the answer is no.⁣

🦄 Getting caught up in rumination about what people should or shouldn’t do (when you ultimately have no control over their actions) causes useless stress. I’ve found it much more helpful to accept what is, versus protesting reality.

My intention for this next year is to continue cultivating peace within. To make more choices rooted in compassion and love versus fear and judgement. Thank you for reading, thank you for being a part of my journey.

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Birthday Musings

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